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Today, the metallurgical sector is, in the Central Catalonia industry, the most important in terms of both workers and companies, and also in relation to the added value of its production. An open and competitive business spirit, specialized machinery, good professional staff and the adaptation to new technologies base this leadership. Thanks to the long history of our counties in the work of metal, as well as the wide range of technological training and research centers, Central Catalonia offers competitive advantages for the sector.

In the central regions, the industrial sector has a significant specific weight, generally above 30% of the VAB and therefore well above the Catalan average. This is due to tradition, thanks to a process of industrialization linked to the abundance of hydraulic energy and the facilities of its use, with textile companies that settled throughout the rivers Cardener, Llobregat, Anoia, etc. Al Bages and Berguedà also have or have had important extractive industries, in Osona the food industry and in Anoia the trash and leather.

However, with the textile crisis and, subsequently, the mining sector, there was a change in the development guidelines that led to a process of industrial diversification and the recomposition of the industrial structure. At the moment, next to the left of the original sectors, they excel the metallurgical – often linked to the automotive industry, the one of the alimentary industries and the one of the manufacturing industry in general.

The business structure is dominated by small businesses, and especially for microenterprises, 76.4% of companies have less than 5 workers 21.3% between 6 and 50 and 1.9% between 51 and 250 and only 0.3% more than 250 workers.