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The Metallurgical Employer of Central Catalonia was founded in 1977, although in its beginnings it was called the Union of Small and Medium-sized Entrepreneurs of Manresa and Comarca (UESMCO) and later, until 2016 – Employer Metallurgical of the Bages. Our history is brief in time, but intense in relation to the circumstances experienced in recent years.

The beginnings were difficult, the political and social momentum of the country was delicate and the businessman had the need to unite because of the void of power that meant for all the democratic transition.

The metallurgists received the consequences of the moment more than other sectors, being ours the one with the highest level of development and the greater number of wage earners. At that time, the main goal of the employer was to help the pure and simple survival of companies and, in general, the labor issue was a priority. Over time, a normal stage began, in which the relationships between businessmen and workers have become more free and less mediated by the political conjuncture of the moment. In this regard, the employer has also adapted to this new situation and today, while continuing to participate in the negotiations of the respective agreements, the priority task is to provide service and support to any initiative that may be useful for the partner.